Mark Saunders Lawsuit

Ocean Ridge Plantation developer Mark Saunders, manager, has designed and built beautiful, coastal communities in Southeastern North Carolina that are second-to-none. Featuring detailed homes, championship-level golf courses, coastal views, and world-class amenities; these award-winning communities like Ocean Ridge Plantation are well worth visiting.

For decades, Mark Saunders’ company, The Coastal Companies, has helped support the economy of Brunswick County, NC, by creating jobs within the community and generating large tax revenues. He has also helped improve and evolve the landscape and overall aesthetics of the county by designing and building high-quality communities like Ocean Ridge Plantation.

More than 800 property owners in Brunswick County have Mark Saunders developer to thank for their beautiful homes. Mark Saunders saw the potential the county had in terms of being developed and he helped it reach that potential through visionary design and hard work.

Despite a previous Mark Saunders lawsuit that had to do with a contractual oversight in a property assessment agreement with the new home owners’ association at Ocean Ridge Plantation, Brunswick County still trust the innovative developer to design and build their homes. When the governing body of Ocean Ridge Plantation switched hands, there was a question surrounding the developer’s responsibility in regards to property assessment fees. The protective covenants state that the developer be exempt from being billed for property assessments at the time of a governance change, however, the provision that had the exemption was overlooked for quite some time and The Coastal Companies and Mark Saunders continued to be billed for unpaid assessments on home sites they owned. The Mark Saunders lawsuit was intended to regain what was lost on those property assessment payments.

The manager of the Ocean Ridge developer company takes these matters very seriously and is 100 percent committed to designing, building and managing the most luxurious, yet affordable homes in Brunswick County.

Even in the midst of the settled lawsuit, Mark Saunders continued to build new homes, renovate existing ones, operate multiple world-class golf courses, and manage hundreds of resort properties and communities. With the experienced and professional team at The Coastal Companies, led by Mark Saunders, lawsuits are infrequent.